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Meet a Tafelaar: Thami Schweichler
“We believe that there’s a lot of talent entering Europe. And Europe is in need of that talent. When newcomers and locals collaborate, opportunities are co-created and knowledge is shared. It’s this beneficial side of the situation that we choose to focus on. That's why I co-founded Makers Unite. Makers Unite is trying to instigate a cultural shift by connecting locals and newcomers. Together with both groups, we co-create sustainable products out of life-vests collected on Greek shores. In the coming months, we will increase the scope of our impact by launching a social inclusion program for newcomers. The aim of the program is to discover newcomers’ needs, to gain their trust and to connect them to local partners."

How can the community help me?
"We cannot do it alone. In order to successfully give newcomers the push in the right direction, we need people, partners and initiatives that want to co-create the road towards social inclusion together with us. So do you think you can contribute to our mission in a meaningful way? Please let us know or contact!"

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"Newcomers and integration."