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Meet a Tafelaar: Moe Al-Masri
“My mission is to spread the peace over the world. At the moment, I’m involved in many initiatives that focus on newcomers and hospitality. For example, I’m a matchmaker at Takecarebnb and I’m part of the consortium Hotel California that is trying to bring part of the Syrian society to Amsterdam and the other way around. Despite of the fact that I’m hyper involved and connected to loads of change makers, I haven’t found THE project for me yet. So, whilst I’m trying to contribute to a better society, I’m also out there looking for my true passion.”

How can the community and you help each other?
“During the course I did at Delitelabs, I discovered that it’s my true passion to help people. I just haven’t figured out completely what it is that I exactly want to do. Therefore, I’m very open to new projects. Looking to getting involved with something new, feeling inspired and sharing my knowledge and skill-set at the same time to contribute to whatever the next thing is that I’m getting involved with.”

Interested in a Tafel van 7 about…
“A more inclusive society.”