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Meet a Tafelaar: Madeline Donald
“I got involved with Use Potential by way of good luck and good timing. Use Potential connects asylum seekers with opportunities in their new communities and initiates a positive interaction upon settlement in a new place. We do this by giving newly arrived asylum seekers a questionnaire in a language they’re comfortable with. Our aim is to collect information about past experience and future ambitions both in and outside of the workplace. In doing so, the respondents are encouraged to reflect upon their lives and futures beyond their current migratory state. By gathering and cataloguing this information, we facilitate connection between refugees, locals and potential employers in the area. Asking people to detail how they can and would like to participate can be the beginning of an empowering way of thinking.

How can the community help you?
“I’m in need of people who are willing to answer and supply feedback about my questionnaire (preferably asylum seekers). In addition, I’m looking for someone who is able to translate the questions both culturally and linguistically into Farsi and Arabic. If the Tafel van 7 Community can be of any assistance with either of these things, that would be wonderful!”

Interested in a Tafel van 7 about...
“Participating in a Tafel van 7 is something I would very much like to do, on any theme or topic. To me, every Table that brings together various points of view is interesting and informative.”