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 Meet a Tafelaar: Ingi Mehus
“As we know most of the media describe refugees from a single perspective. I want to give individuals an opportunity to voice their personal stories in the context with a diversity of migrants and travellers in order to celebrate cultural diversity. Pocket Stories is based on my personal and professional experiences as a migrant and as an advisor for refugees. I personally have experienced the connecting power of storytelling and realised how effective it is to build understanding, friendships and community. Pocket Stories wants to change the conversation about migration from ‘them’ to ‘us’!”

What can I offer the community?
“We just launch our call for young people in the Netherlands who would like to learn more about storytelling and feature with their story in our very first book. I want to invite the Tafel van 7 Community for a two day storytelling workshop at Humanity House in the Hague for young adults connected to migration and travelling. All costs are covered such as transportation, food, accommodation and materials. The deadline of the application is the 8th of October!"

How can the community help you?
"We would love tips and suggestions of interesting people, places, events and ideas that reflect the cultural diversity in the Netherlands that we can feature in the book. We have an online idea box where everyone can submit their ideas."

Interested in a Tafel van 7 about…
"I would love to take part or organise a Tabel of 7 where we could discuss how we can collaborate, brainstorm new ideas on how to celebrate cultural diversity and the power of storytelling."


*Photography by Kaya Stok